Paris Attractions and Activities

Paris is home to a whole variety of tourist attractions, from museums and parks to world-renowned restaurants and fashion houses.

There are so many museums in Paris that you definitely won’t have to look hard to find one that will give you a taste of the masters’ art. Most museums give free admission at least once a month. For those that have a hard time figuring out which museum to visit the Louvre is, of course, the museum to see. A walk down the streets of Paris is in itself like a museum tour with monuments scattered all over the city. From arches and bridges to churches and towers a trip to Paris is most certainly a treat for anyone who wants to soak in some art and culture.

Paris is also considered to be a shopper’s paradise. It is the home of some of the most famous fashion designers and even has special tours designed for shoppers.

Paris is not just the capital of romance but also of gastronomy. French cuisine is popular worldwide and there is no place like Paris to experience it. Whether you opt to dine in a five-star restaurant or in one of the open-air café’s Paris is famous for each meal will surely taste like a feast.

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